Gamebred Team stands strong at Lockdown

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Great result for Gamebred Academy at Lockdown Submission Grappling tournament 30-4-2016.

Kain Old: Silver 105kg+

Greg “The Gorilla” Dilella: Gold 94kg

Stone “Cold” Kolio: Gold 94kg Novice

Brendan “Badger” O’reilly: Gold 84kg

Tim “Timbo Slice” Zosh: Gold 70kg

Ryan Bishop: Bronze 70kg

Every time one of our boys was in the cage, the whole team was cage-side supporting. Special mention to Kain Old who came straight from night shift and took a silver medal after being awake for 28hrs straight, then still stuck around all day to support his team mates. As always it was a dominant performance by our fearless leader Badger.

Everyone who entered came away with a medal but more importantly the team is so supportive of each other, always there to help one another succeed. It speaks volumes about the culture of Gamebred.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”.

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