Welcome Jesse Wells!

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Hi Guys next Thursday the 7th April we have Jesse Wells starting massage every Thursday Evening from 4:00pm-8:30pm.

Jesse is qualified in Remedial, Swedish and Reflexology Massage. Qualified through Endeavour College of Natural Health, one of the best natural therapy schools in Brisbane.
Jesse uses a good mix of both scientific and intuitive approach to therapy. He has spent the last five years working at Mater Hospital in South Brisbane.
Jesse is currently work in Pathology, specifically Microbiology. Helping diagnose infections of the general public.
Through his Remedial training he has learnt many great techniques such as trigger point therapy, postural analysis, orthopedic testing, MET’s (muscular energy techniques), PNF’s (proprioceptive-neuromuscular facilitation), vertebrae tractioning as well as muscular stretches and activation techniques.

“I’m keen to further my skills in manual therapy, and have a great deal of medical knowledge to draw from should some advice need to be given. If you’re having trouble with a muscle, with movement or with pain in general, then I’m your therapist. Look forward to working with you”.

Welcome aboard Jesse

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